The Machines

The Kumulus machine is currently commercialized in all the markets for a standard price of 4500 Euros excluding tax, maintenance and delivery costs. In addition, a yearly maintenance fee is required to ensure proper servicing and interventions where required. Maintenance fees may vary depending on location and number of machines ordered.

It depends on the environment's humidity and temperature levels, however, the machine on average consumes between 0,4 and 0,7kWh per liter, amounting to between 7 and 12cts per liter in France. Our algorithms automatically update the machine parameters for an optimal power consumption and water production.

While both Kumulus machines and dehumidifiers extract water from air, Kumulus machines specialize in producing safe, drinkable water. They use components suitable for drinking water, incorporate advanced filtration and mineralization, and are optimized for high water output with low energy consumption. Additionally, Kumulus machines feature a smart platform with predictive algorithms, energy management, and remote control capabilities, making them more efficient and user-friendly than typical dehumidifiers.

We currently offer our machines to anyone who wants to provide water to their employees or guests. Hotels and corporates can benefit from a sustainable source of water at a lower price per liter and no logistics. IN addition, we are open to collaborating with NGOs and CSR programs to bring water to schools and villages with no access to water.

Our machines are currently available for ordering through our website or by contacting us at, we currently deliver to France, Spain, tunisia, and morocoo and plan to expand to new markets by the end of the year.

Kumulus machines can be connected through WIFI, BlueTooth or cellular data, offering the users the choice between the 3 depending on what is available. Using the app, your mobile phone or computer can connect to the machine to extract the data then upload it when possible to the cloud for the optimization process.

We currently only deliver to countries where we can ensure the maintenance but are quickly expanding to cover more regions in the world. You can fill our form or contact us as we might be coming to your market soon.

The Water

The water produced by our machines tastes as good as high quality mineral water. Our proprietary filtration and mineralization system ensures that the water is tasty, healthy, and up to EU and World Health Organization potability standards. In addition, Kumulus water tends to be freshly produced and does not get stored in plastic bottles, giving it an always fresh and pure taste.

The machine monitors the water quality to ensure its safe and healthy in the forms of filter functionality and the level of minerals, regular quality checks are conducted by the Kumulus team in collaboration with accredited third party laboratories. Quality tests and reports are shared with clients upon request.

Our advanced filtration system is designed to deliver only the highest quality water. However, in areas with high levels of air pollution or near industrial zones, it's crucial to check and replace the filters more frequently than in rural or cleaner environments. This proactive approach ensures the best possible water quality regardless of your location.

The Technology & Maintenance

Kumulus is in charge of maintenance of the machine. The machine automatically monitors key components and sends alerts where necessary. For some regions, maintenance is handled through our customer service: clients contact us and we guide them for the small maintenances operations (e.g. change of filters, change of mineralizers,...). Kumulus provides the key components beforehand, ensuring you have the required stock available when maintenance is needed. In most cases, we send our trained technicians onsite to conduct necessary maintenance and repairs. Clients only need to call us and we make sure to conduct on site intervention within the following 72 hours.

Our machines are designed for the mediterranean weather condition that can be more arid than average, which allows our machines can produce water in the desert. However, to be sure of the expected levels of water production, we conduct theortical analysis on the specific location to help guide our clients before the acquire the machine.

The water we extract from the air is minimal compared to the quantity of water that is in the air. Thanks to replicating a natural phenomena, the usage of Kumulus machines makes no difference in the quantity of water in air, and mother nature quickly balances out any difference.