Kumulus - The water utility company of the future
We provide drinking water in a more sustainable and economical way by using technological innovation. We design and operate machines that turn air into fresh drinking water.
Our solutions are easy to use, are digitally connected and can be monitored and controlled remote, revolutionizing access to drinking water.

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The Kumulus experience

The Machines: install as many machines as your water need. Each machine produces in average 30L of drinking water per day

Maintenance: Handled by Kumulus. all you have to do is press a button for water.

Remote control: Manage all machines effortlessly with our smart web & mobile app, anytime, anywhere.

Kumulus experience tailored to your needs

As many Kumulus machines as you need to cover all your drinking water needs.

Why choose Kumulus?

Drinking water Independence. In a world battling water scarcity, you can get pure, fresh, mineralized water produced the same day and served directly from your machine.

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