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At Kumulus, our mission is to revolutionize water access, making it closer to the end user in a more sustainable and economical way

With a diverse team and offices spanning multiple locations, we are committed to making impact on a global scale.

kumulus offices
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Tunis office

5 Rue Du Lac Bizerte

+216 31 398 797

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Spain office

+34 6 62 52 40 21

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France office

5 Av du general de Gaulle 94160 Saint-mandé

+33 6 80 51 69 93

Our story

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The desert trip

In the unforgiving terrain of the Tunisian desert, where the nearest signs of civilization lay 150 kilometers away, the seeds of Kumulus were sown. Amidst the vast expanse of sand and sky, the founders found themselves captivated by a simple yet profound sight: dew clinging to their tents at dawn, a testament to nature's resilience in even the harshest environments. It was in this moment of observation and reflection that the vision for Kumulus crystallized. Motivated by the pressing need to address water scarcity in remote areas, they embarked on a journey of innovation, determined to translate their desert experience into tangible solutions.
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The First prototype

Fueled by an unwavering passion for their craft, bolstered by robust engineering expertise, and fortified by years of hands-on experience in sustainable energy projects, the Kumulus team achieved a significant milestone: the creation of their inaugural prototype—a groundbreaking machine designed to extract water from the air. This first machine, robust and reliable, not only marked a technological triumph but also demonstrated the possibility of extracting high-quality water from the air, laying a solid foundation for Kumulus's future endeavors.
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The Kumulus-1 Amphore design

As our technology continued to evolve, demonstrating its ability to reliably produce high-quality water, the Kumulus team set its sights on the next frontier: integrating elegant design into our products. In partnership with Zouhair Ben Jannet, we unveiled the amphore design—a fusion of technological innovation and cultural tradition. The debut of this stunning design at Tunisia Design Week not only captivated the judges but also earned us the prestigious Best Innovative Design Award, signaling a promising future of blending aesthetics with functionality in our expanding product line.

Our Values

Every human on earth has an inherent right to access to water.

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Right to water

Humans should be allowed to live wherever they please without fear of not accesing basic necessities.

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Our pursuit of progress should not come at the cost of nature.

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